HRT 820: Plant Reproductive Biology and Polyploidy

Course Code: HRT 820

Credits and Offerings

  • 1 credit
  • Spring of odd years

Course Description

Genetic processes underlying variations in plant reproductive biology and polyploidy, and utilization of these characteristics in plant breeding.

Course Objectives

  • To understand how male sterility, self-incompatibility and sex expression are used in plant breeding and hybrid production.
  • To understand the types of polyploidy including the evolutionary history of important polyploid crop plants.
  • To understand the breeding strategies unique to some major polypoid crop plants.


  • Sex expression in out-crossing crop plants
  • Male sterility in out-crossing crop plants
  • Self-incompatibility in out-crossing crop plants
  • Haploid production as a breeding strategy
  • Types of polyploidy
  • Genetic and breeding complexity with polyploid crop plants