Obtaining Federal Grant of Inspection


Course Overview

This course is designed to help you properly prepare and submit the appropriate forms, documents, and facility requirements to acquire federal inspection. The timeframe to complete each portion of the course will be dependent on your current level of documentation, timeliness to create and implement the required programs along with the ability to meet the structural or facility requirements for the establishment.

There are two sections in this course including:

  • Course module: Federal Grant of Inspection:  An interactive module where you will learn about the Federal Grant of Inspection process.
  • Resources: In this unit you will find many resources to help you through the Federal Grant of Inspection process. Many of these documents are editable Word, Excel, or PDF documents. 

NOTE: Participants cannot reproduce or share the content within the course outside of the individual establishment that purchased the course.

Course Topics

  • Step 1. File for your Federal Grant of Inspection
  • Step 2. Facility & Grounds Requirements
  • Step 3. Labeling
  • Step 4. SSOPs
  • Step 5. HACCP
  • Step 6. Supporting Programs
  • Step 7. BSE & SRM
  • Step 8. Lm for RTE Establishments
  • Step 9. Recall Plan
  • Step 10. LOTO and Map
  • Step 11. Food Defense & Crisis Management
  • Step 12: What to Expect at your Grant of Inspection Meeting with FSIS

Course Format

Self-paced Online Course



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