Minor in Forestry

The Minor in Forestry is for non-forestry majors. It is for students who want to understand the nature of trees and forests and social-biological aspects of managing forest ecosystems. 

Course Experiences: 

  • ALL
    • FOR 204 Forest Vegetation 
    • FOR 222 Forest Field Methods 
    • FOR 330 Human Dimensions of Forests
  • ONE
    • FOR 101 Michigan’s Forests
    • FOR 202 Introduction to Forestry
  • ONE: Social aspects of forestry
    • FOR 405 Forest Ecosystem Services
    • FOR 414 Renewable Wood Products
    • FOR 462 Forest Resource Economics and Management
    • FOR 466 Natural Resource Policy
  • ONE: Biological aspects of forestry
    • FOR 404 Forest Ecology and FOR 404L Forest Ecology Laboratory
    • FOR 406 Applied Forest Ecology: Silviculture and FOR 406L Applied Forest Ecology: Silviculture Laboratory
    • FOR 412 Wildland Fire
    • PLP 407 Diseases and Insects of Forest and Shade Trees 


Forestry Undergraduate Academic Advisor, (517) 355-0091 or ForAdvis@msu.edu




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