Minor in Urban and Community Forestry

The Minor in Urban and Community Forestry is for both MSU Forestry majors and non-forestry majors. Students will gain an understanding of the social, biological and administrative aspects of managing urban and community forests. The minor serves students interested in careers with public agencies, the private sector and non-profit organizations.

Course Experiences:

    • FOR 222 Forestry Field Methods
    • FOR 461 Urban & Community Forestry
    • HRT 213 Landscape Maintenance
    • HRT 213L Landscape Maintenance Field Laboratory
  • ONE: Social aspects of urban & community forestry
    • CSUS 301 Community Engagement for Sustainability
    • FOR 330 Human Dimensions of Forests
    • FOR 405 Forest Ecosystem Services
    • SOC 361 Contemporary Communities
    • SOC 375 Urban Sociology
  • ONE: Biological aspects of urban & community forestry
    • FOR 204 Forest Vegetation
    • HRT 211 Landscape Plants I
    • HRT 212 Landscape Plants II
  • ONE: Administrative aspects of urban & community forestry
    • CSUS 433 Grant Writing and Fund Development
    • PLS 310 Public Administration and Policy Making
    • UP 201 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
    • WRA 453 Grant and Proposal Writing
  • ONE: Elective
    • FOR 404 Forest Ecology
    • HRT 361 Applied Plant Physiology
    • PLP 407 Diseases and Insects of Forest and Shade Trees


Forestry Undergraduate Academic Advisor, (517) 355-0091 or ForAdvis@msu.edu

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