Minor in Sustainable Bioproducts Science and Technology

The Minor in Sustainable Bioproducts Science and Technology is for both MSU Forestry majors and non-forestry majors. It is designed to prepare students to pursue a career, or graduate degrees in renewable wood-based bioproducts. Upon graduation, students will be academically and professionally well positioned in acquiring employment in companies or government departments whose focus is green building construction and furnishings, bioproducts engineering, structural design, and other green bioproducts employment opportunities. Students will be prepared for graduate studies in biomaterials and bioproducts.

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Course Experiences:

  • BOTH:
    • FOR 414 Renewable Wood Products
    • FOR 479 Wood and Engineered Composites Science and Technologies
  • ONE:
    • CHE 468 Biomass Conversion Engineering
    • FOR 212 Introduction to Sustainable Bioproducts

Biosystems Engineering and Chemical Engineering students must take CHE 468 and BE 469.

  • ONE:
    • BE 332 Engineering Properties of Biological Materials      
    • CMP 222 Statics and Strengths of Materials
    • FOR 427 Biomass and Bioproducts Chemistry       
    • MSE 320 Mechanical Properties of Materials 
  • ONE:
    • CMP 322 Structural Systems   
    • CMP 491 Special Topics in Construction Management      
    • MSE 426 Introduction to Composite Materials        
    • MSE 465 Design and Application of Engineering Materials

Students choosing CMP 491 must enroll in the section on Green and Energy Efficient Residential Constructions.

  • ONE:
    • BE 469 Sustainable Bioenergy Systems       
    • FOR 335 Socioeconomics of Sustainable Bioproducts

 Biosystems Engineering and Chemical Engineering students must take CHE 468 and BE 469.

    • CMP 493 Professional Internship in Construction Management 
    • EGR 393 Engineering Cooperative Education         
    • FOR 493 Professional Internship in Forestry

The internship requirement can also be met by completing the internship course in the student’s major department, but must be geared towards biomaterials and bioproducts and the course content and overall plan must be approved by the advisor for the minor in the Department of Forestry. The internship requirement can be met at any time during the student’s academic program.



Forestry Undergraduate Academic Advisor, (517) 355-0091 or ForAdvis@msu.edu.