Civil Rights and Title IX: Our Commitment to End Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct

MSU Horticulture Garden's World SculptureMSU and the Horticulture Department are committed to ending discrimination and sexual harassment, including relationship violence and sexual misconduct. For more information, visit MSU's Office of Civil Rights and MSU's Title IX program page

If at any time you feel the conduct of a member of the MSU community, regardless of position or affiliation, creates a discriminatory, intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment, please make it clear to the individual(s) that such behavior is objectionable, unwelcome and illegal.

Then, please contact (as soon as safely possible) your advisor or supervisor, Department Chairperson, Undergraduate or Graduate Program Director, chair of the Department Advisory Committee, MSU Human Resources, the CANR Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion, or any ethics or legal representative of the university, to report the incident/issue (including any retaliation resulting from a previous report).


Please be aware that although all MSU employees are considered “mandatory reporters”, there are individual persons and entities at MSU whom are exempt from that requirement.

Should you prefer to speak with someone more privately to get help and better understand your options, please consider contacting one of the following:

Additionally, information and resources are available at:

Horticulture Students at Graduation