2023 Equine Science Horse Camp Day 4

Campers are having so much fun!!

2023 Equine Science Horse Camp Day 4

Breeds / colors


Ms. Lexi Showed campers all the different breeds of horses and even the colors of horses. Many of the campers were very knowledgeable about all the horse breeds.

Horse Maps


Campers were finishing up their farm maps they’ve been working so hard on this week. Every map turned out so cool and the creativity is awesome!

Operant Conditioning


Everyone got to see Sesame today! Miss. Deb showed campers good and bad rewards with horses and how to lead them. With a gentle push to move this shows negative reinforcement and a pet shows positive reinforcement.

Dance time!


They’ve been hard at work learning a fun line dance to the song Footloose! It’s a fast dance but they’re doing so well keeping up.

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Horse Camp Photos

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