6 tips for making holiday cookies

Food safety is an important part of making holiday cookies.

Holiday baking is a tradition for many families. Cookies are a favorite holiday treat. Whatever you bake, keep it safe by following six simple food safety tips.

  • Wash counter tops and hands before preparing your recipe. Use only clean utensils such as mixing bowls, baking pans and measuring spoons.
  • Wash your hands again after handling raw eggs.
  • Do not eat raw cookie dough which contains raw eggs, including licking the spoon. Bacteria can be present in raw eggs. Salmonella is one example of bacteria sometimes found in raw eggs.
  • All purpose flour has been the target of a recent recall due to contamination with E. coli. Again, to avoid getting sick, do not eat raw cookie dough.
  • If you want your cookies to taste fresh longer than a few days, freeze them until you are ready to use them. Package your cookies in freezer quality bags, containers, etc. to preserve the quality of the cookies. Label and date the cookies so you know what is in each package. For specific information on freezing baked good, check out the Michigan State University Extension news article: “It’s not too early to make holiday baked goods”.
  • Do not prepare baked goods when you are sick. Save the holiday baking until you are feeling better to avoid spreading germs to others.

Another way to share your favorite cookies is to make gifts of your favorite cookie recipe and the ingredients. Mix the dry ingredients together and place in a clean jar. Wet ingredients should not be added until the recipe is prepared.

Print the recipe on a decorative card and attach the card to the jar along with a ribbon and a colorful piece of fabric to place over the lid of the jar. Recipes for preparing baking mix gifts can be found at the University of Nebraska Extension. Mixes should be used within 3 months.

Holiday cookies are a special treat. Enjoy your family traditions, but follow food safety recommendations to keep them food safe. 

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