A Generous Gift From David and Delores Baumgartner

The Baumgartners leave both a legacy and a gift to MSU Forestry

Bud, Dick and David

The Baumgartner Brothers’ (Bud, Dick and David) Professional Forester Development Fund is intended to encourage Forestry students to attend professional forestry meetings such as the National and/or Michigan Society of American Foresters (SAF) or others that are relevant to applied forestry in Michigan, which will help the students achieve their educational and professional goals. Up to $500 per year can be awarded.

David and Delores Baumgartner’s goal is to support MSU forestry students and promote their professional development through attendance to forestry meetings such as SAF, while memorializing the three Baumgartner brothers who studied forestry at MSU.

Over almost a twenty-two year period, there was at least one of the Baumgartner brothers studying forestry at MSU.

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