Catlin, Mwangi & Leefers Reunion

Fellow forestry students and faculty reunite

Carter Catlin Jr., Alma Catlin, Becky Leefers, Larry Leefers and Albert Mwangi at the Karen Blixen Museum in Nairobi.

Carter Catlin Jr. (PhD 1992), Alma Catlin, Becky Leefers, Larry Leefers (MS 1978, PhD 1981) and Albert Mwangi (PhD 1992) are pictured here at the Karen Blixen Museum (former home of Out of Africa author) in Nairobi in July 2019. Dr. Catlin is the Associate Dean for Research, College of Agriculture at Tennessee State University, and Dr. Mwangi is a Senior Lecturer, Department of Natural Resources at Katarina University (north of Nairobi). Albert and Carter were graduate students and friends; this was their first reunion since graduating. Both studied forest economics with Dr. Leefers. The couples, including Albert’s wife Margaret, toured sites in Nairobi as part of the Catlins’ and Leefers’ Kenya-Tanzania-Zanzibar trip. The trip included three stops in Nairobi, safaris to Masai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Amboseli national parks and visits to various natural areas in Zanzibar. The Catlins and Leefers reunited in Nashville before the 2019 SAF National Convention.

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