Adulting 101 classes offered by MSU Extension

Are your older teens ready to leave for college or be on their own? Are they prepared to do adult tasks and have skills to be successful? Consider MSU Extension’s Adulting 101 classes.

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Michigan State University Extension has developed a series of Adulting 101 classes to help teens and young adults prepare for adulthood. These classes provide older teens with knowledge and skills to help them successfully make the transition to living on their own. Through a team of dedicated educators across the state, MSU Extension offers a variety of practical classes that are interactive and hands-on. These classes typically last about an hour with time for questions and answers. 

Here is a short description of some of the areas our Adulting 101 classes cover. 

Financial literacy and money management

Research from U.S. Financial Capability shows that financial literacy is on the decline in the United States. With credit card debt rising, classes help teens learn the difference between credit and debit, interest, fees and how to build credit. Young adults can also explore how to make their money grow through investing and saving strategies. In addition, MSU Extension has classes related to budgets, developing a spending plan, insurance and banking. There are also classes that relate to applying for student loans and budgeting around the holidays.

Workforce preparation

This category includes topics like goal setting, networking tips and tricks, time management and how volunteering can lead to careers. Youth and young adults can be more successful in their job search after taking sessions on how to write a cover letter and thank-you note, “resumes made easy” or “interview for success.”

Leadership and civic education

In these classes, youth and young adults can discover the many ways they can get involved in their community and develop their leadership and citizenship skills. This area covers communication skills, conflict resolution, public speaking, global and cultural understanding and the importance of voting.

Living on your own skills

Classes are offered to help understand the importance of food safety, what you need to know before renting and living independently. A workshop on household tasks will review cleaning supplies needed, how to do laundry, make a bed and just some basic things to think about when you are on your own.

MSU Extension can provide these classes for specific audiences but also offers these quarterly throughout the year. They may be offered at a variety of times as well. Sign up for our Adulting 101 digest to get information about adulting and when classes are offered.

If you are interested in learning more about the Adulting 101 classes or want to schedule some for a specific audience, please contact Kathy Jamieson or Michelle Neff

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