AFRE Job Candidates for Winter/Spring 2020

AFRE is pleased to announce our PhD job-market candidates for winter and spring 2020.

AFRE is pleased to announce our PhD job-market candidates for Winter/Spring 2020: Qi Tian, Wen Lin, and Jarrad Farris! All of their information can be found below and on the AFRE Job Candidate web page.

Our candidates have excellent skills in economic modeling, statistics, surveys, field experiments, program evaluation, teaching, and extension. Their interests span a wide range of socially relevant fields in applied economics, including agriculture, regional and international development, and energy and environment. These candidates are ready to make an immediate impact in academia, industry, government, and the nonprofit sector.

The candidate’s areas of specialization can be found under each job candidate’s web page along with links to their personal websites, where you can find further information about their interests and qualifications.

“We are very excited about our cohort of job market candidates,” said job placement committee chair and AFRE assistant professor Melissa McKendree. "Qi, Wen, and Jarrad are well prepared for their future careers and will have a positive impact on the Agricultural and Applied Economics profession. We can’t wait to see their success in future endeavors!”

All three candidates will be available for interviews at the January 2020 ASSA Meeting.

Please share this page and the flyer below among your professional network—and let us know if you are aware of any job opportunities at your institution or elsewhere that would be a good match for our students.


On the Job Market Fall 2019 Flyer

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