FCWG 2018-19 Learning Exchange Series Session: Forest Carbon Markets - Overview and Potential

Speakers Kelley Hamrick and Stephen Donofrio of Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace present on forest carbon markets, providing an overview of past and future opportunities.


Forest Carbon Markets: Overview + Potential 


  • Kelley Hamrick, Manager of Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace and Supply Change Initiatives
  • Stephen Donofrio, Director of Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace and Supply Change Initiatives

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About the FCWG 2018-19 Learning Exchange Series 

The Forest-Climate Working Group (FCWG) 2018-19 Learning Exchange Series covers current topics and issues in domestic forest carbon policies and management approaches for a changing climate. The FCWG represents a diverse group of forest interests including landowners, industry, conservationists, academia, and those active in carbon markets. The group has worked together for more than 8 years to advocate for state and federal policies that work to ensure sustainable forest use and prevention of land use change. We have currently been in the process of reinvigorating our focus and activities and welcome inquiries into our work. Please reach out if you have questions or think your organization may be interested in joining.


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