FCWG Learning Exchange Series: Wood Utilization II: Land Use and Global Outlook

Speaker Mark Wishnie of BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group will present "Wood Utilization II: Land Use and Global Outlook".


Wood Utilization II: Land Use and Global Outlook


New wood products like mass timber offer the potential to dramatically reduce the emissions associated with core industrial activity while storing carbon in end-products. Under the right circumstances, forest products demand could incentivize conversion of marginal agricultural lands into tree farms. Focusing on mass timber as a case study, what is the current state of knowledge of forest products as a climate solution, what are the risks and opportunities of demand-led climate solutions, and what tools do decisionmakers need in order to maximize the potential contribution of forest products to climate mitigation?


  • Mark Wishnie is Executive Director and Head of Sustainability at the BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group. At BTG, Mark is responsible for sustainability across the firm’s c. $3.5 billion global timberland portfolio and leads the firm’s climate-focused investment practice. Mark joined BTG from The Nature Conservancy, where he led the Global Forestry & Wood Products program and a portfolio of initiatives aimed at delivering on the massive climate mitigation potential of forests and the broader forest economy. Prior to his work with TNC, Mark co-founded and served as Managing Director of Equator, LLC, a timberland and environmental commodity investment company, co-founded and directed the Native Species Reforestation Project (PRORENA), a joint research program of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Yale University, and served as Program Director of the Yale Tropical Resources Institute. Mark has advised governments, investors, and Fortune 500 companies on forest finance, management and restoration, and regularly lectures on forest restoration and the climate impacts of forest products. Mark’s research has been published in journals such as Forest Ecology and Management, Conservation Biology, New Forests and The Annual Review of Anthropology, and his work on forest restoration, investment and climate change mitigation has been profiled by The New York Times, The Economist, Fast Company and Outside Magazine. Mark holds a BS in Forest Management from the University of Washington and a Master of Forest Science from Yale University.

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This is the last webinar of the 2019-2020 Learning Exchange Series. We are currently planning the 2020-2021 series and look forward to announcing the full lineup soon. Thank you for your participation!


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