Focusing on the Big Issues

Building relationships, solving problems and meeting the needs of Michiganders and people around the world have been the focus of the MSU CANR for more than 150 years.

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Building relationships, solving problems and meeting the needs of Michiganders and people around the world have been the focus of the MSU CANR for more than 150 years. CANR has pioneered advancements in agricultural and natural resources research, scholarship and outreach.


CANR focuses on the big issues—food safety and security, water quality, energy alternatives and usage, improved crop yields, and new crop varieties that reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides, and improved health and nutrition—and finding ways to use the world's resources to the best and mostsustainable benefit of the Earth and its people.


Advances made by today’s CANR students and faculty, and MSU Extension educators and specialists, enhance your life today and will improve the lives of your children and grandchildren tomorrow. Meeting these challenges head on is hard work that demands dedication and perseverance. It also requires your help.


Our goal is significant; because the problems we tackle have the potential to improve the lives of so many—and few places offer donors the opportunity to have such a widespread impact.

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