Gardening and Ticks

Download The Tick App to learn more about ticks and be a citizen scientist

Are you spending a lot of time gardening outdoors this summer?  If so, depending on your location and surrounding vegetation, you may be at risk for encountering ticks.  Researchers at MSU's Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, along with those at the University of Wisconsin and Columbia University, have developed an app to help you identify and report ticks in your area.  With the goal of reducing tickborne disease and improving the health of Michiganders, they hope that The Tick App will help prevent even more tick bites this summer!

What is The Tick App about?

In few words, Lyme disease prevention and citizen science. The Tick App is a smartphone application that shows you how you can avoid ticks and also invites you to share information with scientists about your tick exposure and what kinds of locations and activities are associated with them. In addition, you can submit photos of ticks for timely species identification by an expert. The goal is to develop better strategies to prevent tick bites and tick-borne diseases. 

How can I get the app?

You can download The Tick App on GooglePlay and/or iTunes for smartphones. If you don’t have a smartphone, or would like to participate on your desktop, you can fill out the same questionnaires here.

Please note

Besides being a reliable and handy resource about ticks and tick prevention, the Tick App is a research study in which you can contribute as a Citizen Scientist. Thus, you will need to provide consent to the research and complete an entry survey (which takes 5 -10 minutes). You will then receive a weekly to monthly message to start your `daily log`. The daily log should take about a minute to complete. It asks if you or a household member encountered a tick, what you did that day and how COVID influenced your outdoor activities. When you start the daily log, you will receive a daily reminder until you complete 15 logs. In addition, you will have the option to complete `tick reports`, to log your tick encounters and when you submit a picture, we will respond to you by email what tick we think it is. Lastly, if you allow location services, the app will use your location to provide you with current information on blacklegged `tick activity` in your area. Furthermore, location services will help researchers understand how time spent in different areas is associated with tick exposure.

For more information

Visit The Tick App Website.

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