Meet the work from home colleagues of CSUS

There are many new, friendly faces in our work from home offices! Meet the pets and children keeping CSUS staff and faculty company.

Shelburn, an older black and white hound

During this time in which CSUS faculty and staff are working from home, we all miss our human colleagues and friends. However, through our online meetings, we have been able to meet some new (often fuzzier) friends who have been helping their humans do their jobs.

Here are some of the adorable CSUS colleagues who we've been meeting over the past few weeks.

Beardsley, the bearded dragonBeardsley, the Bearded Dragon

"He isn’t great with the math, but he is great at finding the bugs in the formulas….."

Owner: Kris Hasenfratz Ten-Eyck, Grants Manager

Toohey, the Catahoula Leopard dogToohey, the Catahoula Leopard Dog

"She's 14 years-old and sits next to my new workspace where I now spend about 12 hours a day!"

Owner: Robert Richardson, Professor

Luna, a spotted dogLuna, 100% good dog

"Luna sometimes joins me for class and zoom calls, but only when I’m done talking about carbon pricing..."

Owner: Doug Bessette, Assistant Professor


Montgomery, a grey and white catMontgomery, human cuddler extraordinaire

Monty for short. Will never let your lap get cold. Keeper of the calendars.

Owner: Steven Gray, Associate Professor

Charlie and Nora, a yellow lab and young girlCharlie and Nora, yellow lab and human

Here for the cuddles and games. Always ready for a good Zoom meeting.

Owner and parent: Crystal Eustice, Assistant Professor of Practice

Morrie, a grey catWhitney, a black catMorrie and Whitney, research and writing supervisors

Excellent paper weights, 10/10 manuscript feedback.

Owner: Amanda Sorensen, Communication and Outreach Specialist

Shelburn, an older black and white houndShelburn, handsome old hound

His friends call him Shelby. Nailing his work from home set up, complete with some Spartan swag.

Owner: Rebecca Jordan, Professor and Department Chair

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