Mobile-friendly guide for grape IPM scouting is now available

This important grape pest identification management tool can be downloaded for free to view on smart phones and tablets.

First page of mobile grape IPM scouting guide

A popular integrated pest management (IPM) tool for grape growers has been “A Pocket Guide for Grape IPM Scouting in the North Central and Eastern United States.” This compact guide contains pictures and short descriptions of grape pests and disorders as well as other useful information for grape growers and consultants. With funding from Project GREEEN and the Michigan Craft Beverage Council, the pocket guide is now available as a free, mobile-friendly PDF, allowing growers to download and view the guide right from their mobile device.

The mobile guide for grape IPM scouting covers many IPM issues in vineyards including insect and mite pests, natural enemies, diseases, and physiological and chemical disorders. The guide also discusses general directions for the timing of pest scouting and shows the main grape growth stages.

Tips for accessing the mobile-friendly guide

  • Download the guide at:
  • Use your phone’s default app for viewing a PDF, or download a PDF viewer such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app (available at the App Store or Google Play).
  • Use the jump-down links in the Contents section to navigate to a specific section or page.
  • If using the clickable index (e.g., Diseases), click on your pest or pathogen of interest to navigate to that page.
  • Note that each pest or pathogen has a link back to the index (top of the page) or back to the table of contents (bottom of the page).
  • Use the search function to search the guide by keywords.

The grape IPM scouting guide was compiled and edited by members of the Michigan State University grape team collaborating with Tim Weigle at the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program. The guide was originally funded by USDA-CSREES, National Grape Cooperative, Michigan State Horticultural Society, MSU AgBioResearch, MSU Extension, USDA Viticulture Consortium (East) and Cornell University Cooperative Extension.

The guide does not contain pest control or pesticide use information. That information can be found in the annually updated “Michigan Fruit Management Guide,” MSU Extension bulletin E154.

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