SARE resources available to everyone

Looking for practical information on sustainable farming and ranching, or for training opportunities? 

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The North Central SARE website has practical information on soil health, ecological pest management, organic production, farm-to-table, season extension, pollinators, social resilience, and many other important topics in sustainable agriculture. Materials are produced by both SARE and SARE grantees. SARE also has thousands of on-farm research and education projects for you to learn from others’ experiences. You can search past projects on the SARE projects website.

SARE also has Spanish, including topics like cover crops, swine, and pastured poultry. SARE also has resources for younger audiences, including the new Sustainable Agriculture poster just released. There is curriculum for running agriculture and food system classes for kindergartners to adults.

Both print and online resources are available. You can connect with Michigan SARE Coordinator Sarah Fronczak or with SARE grants & beginning farmer educator Katie Brandt through email to request resources.

North Central SARE strengthens communities, increases producers' economic viability, and improves the environment through grants and education. SARE embraces three broad goals: economic viability over the long term; stewardship of our nation’s land, air, and water; and quality of life for farmers, ranchers, and their communities. One of the ways that SARE supports these goals it through offering educational materials at no or low cost on a variety of topics.

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