K.J. Moilanen Memorial Scholarship Fund Award Application


To support employees who have demonstrated capacity to achieve educational and professional goals, have the motivation to achieve educational goals which support their careers with MSU Extension.

The K. J. Moilanen Memorial Scholarship Fund is administered by a committee of the Michigan Council of Extension Associates (MCEA). This committee has representation from each of the six member associations of MCEA (includes ESP, CNRDA, MAEA, MESSA, MAE4-HYS, MEAFCS) plus a Convener.


An applicant must:

  • Be currently employed at least 50% time as an Extension employee seeking a degree that will assist them in continuing to serve Extension.
  • Have completed at least one year of continuous employment with MSU Extension.
  • Not knowingly be in the last year of employment with MSU Extension.
  • Have administrative approval granted prior to committee review thus assuring the relevant University and Extension policies are met (i.e., email with approval from supervisor provided to msue.profdev@msu.edu)

Review Process

  • Application review is completed by the professional fund allocation committee which includes representation from each member association, a convener, and no more than seven members.
  • Awarded funds must be expended by award recipients within the fiscal year awarded (July 1 – June 30)
  • Application deadline: June 15th. Awards will be made in the first week of July. 

Reporting Requirement

  • The size of award will be at discretion of the review committee depending upon the availability of funds, the number of applications, eligibility of applicants, and award criteria.
  • Individual awards are expected to vary from $500 to $3,000.
  • Recipients are expected to work for MSUE for at least six months following completion of the activity for which the award was made or reimburse the funds.
  • This fund shall be administered according to University policies and procedures governing endowments. Full financial accounting and including original receipts are required.
  • Funds are dispersed through access to an account number in which the recipient charges expenses that align with the application. Funds are not directly deposited into individual or work team accounts. 

Apply by June 15