MSU Extension: Becoming a Better Writer

The goal of this course is to provide you with the information, tools, and strategies needed to be able to monitor your own practice of writing.

Preparing to Submit Your Educational Project to an Editor

The MSU Extension Educational Materials Team has created this course to enable you to effectively prepare your educational project for submission to an editor. It contains interactive scenarios and activities that should help you through the writing and submission process.

MSU Extension Article Writing Toolkit D2L Course

This self-paced course reviews and elaborates upon the content contained in the MSU Extension Article Writing Toolkit.


Internal Review - Overview

As an academic institution, the public relies on us for high-quality, evidence-based educational materials. Our articles must be accurate, up-to-date, appropriately attributing evidence-based sources, and contextually appropriate for Michigan communities. Our internal review process helps us ensure these quality standards.

In addition, internal review improves readability, so educational materials are written in a way that allows the public to digest the information and incorporate it in their own families, farms, businesses and communities.

Internal Review - Process for CYI

CYI uses the following checklist for internal review.


Internal Review - Process for AABI, CFEI,  HNI

Diagram of step 1 in internal review process

Step 1 – REVIEW: Article authors will identify a reviewer who can provide feedback on the content or their article. The article draft is submitted to the reviewer with Author submission form A. The reviewer uses track changes to provide feedback on the article, and returns the marked up copy of the draft along with the Reviewer Checklist to the author.


Step 2 – EDIT & PUBLISH: The author considers suggested changes and feedback, makes appropriate changes, and fills out Author submission form B. The author then submits their final draft to MSUE.News@msu.edu for final edits and publishing online.* The communicator sends back the URL for the published article.

*HNI staff should also copy their institute leadership (ID and AID) on this email to MSUE.News@msu.edu, and attach both the final draft and the draft from the reviewer with track changes.


Step 3 – REPORT: The author then documents the article in PEARS as an indirect activity. The following is uploaded into PEARS:

Please see all details of this process in the interactive/clickable ProMapp process map for it. 

Internal Review Process Map

Please see the below video for details on reporting articles in PEARS.


Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network. Users can manage and organize their references, create and share annotations, collaborate with other users, and discover new content in their areas of interest. You will want to download the desktop version and the Word plug-in, which allows you to add references you have added. The MSU Library Research Guide on Mendeley provides an overview and installation information. The video below highlights what it can do.