Teaching and Learning

MSU Extension: Teaching & Learning

This is a growing collection of modules for MSU Extension employees who develop or deliver educational content.

DEI in Action: Developing, Planning and Facilitating Educational Programs and Events

Three-part guide on using diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices when planning educational events, developing educational materials, and delivering programming.



Key Resources

Extension professionals are adult educators, guided by principles of adult learning and adept at using learning activities that actively involve participants in their learning, build on their expertise, and have immediate impact on their lives. Some favorite resources include:

One-Demand Workshops

The following workshop topics are offered yearly. Contact Anne Baker if you would like one offered at a specific time to a specific group so it may be tailored to your needs. 

  • Best Practices in Creating Educational Videos (What to do/theory; not how to do it/technology)
  • Classroom Management
  • Empowering Participants through Trust & Interaction
  • Facilitating Interaction
  • Lesson Planning 
  • Presentation Matters
  • Principles of Andragogy: How Adults Learn
  • Scenario-Based Learning
  • Teaching & Leading through Stories
  • Universal Design for Learning / Differentiating Instruction
  • Writing Matters
  • Teach Across Cultures
  • Inclusive Practices in Planning, Delivering, and Debriefing an Educational Program

Anne Baker

Anne Baker

Learning and Talent Development Specialist
MSU Extension