Andy Vander Yacht

Andy Vander Yacht

Department of Forestry

Academic Specialist, Forest Ecology Research

Telephone: 517-355-7599

Natural Resources Building
480 Wilson Rd, Rm. 126
East Lansing, MI 48824-1222

Dr. Andy Vander Yacht currently manages the forest ecology laboratory and teaches classes on ecosystem services (FOR 110) and wildland fire ecology and management (FOR 413). His research seeks to understand how disturbances affect the structure, composition, health, and resiliency of temperate forest ecosystems and how this knowledge can inform forest management. His specific interests include forest mesophication, fire and fuel ecology, community succession, seed dispersal, and the restoration of disturbance-dependent biodiversity. He is currently exploring oak regeneration success and Reid’s Paradox within red pine plantations in Michigan, and the potential for red pine to oak conversions to mitigate climate-change effects on regional forest resources. He also manages and analyzes long-term data sets on temperate (Huron-Manistee National Forest) and tropical (La Selva, Costa Rica) forest regeneration and is a key contributor to MSU’s Urban WildF.I.R.E. program. He currently serves as the vice chair for the Michigan Prescribed Fire Council. Before coming to MSU, Andy gained applied experience with the MI DNR, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and as a private land management consultant.


Ph.D. in Natural Resources, Emphasis in Fire Ecology, Center for Native Grasslands Management, The University of Tennessee (2014-2017)

M.S. in Wildlife Science, Statistics Minor, Center for Native Grasslands Management, The University of Tennessee (2010-2012)

B.S. in Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science Minors, Hope College (2005-2009)


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