Cheryl Eschbach

Cheryl Eschbach

Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture

Health and Nutrition Institute Director

Telephone: 517-353-1898

Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Assistant Professor

Telephone: 517-353-1898

Dr. Cheryl Eschbach serves as Director of the Health and Nutrition Institute. Trained as a gerontologist, she is experienced in program implementation, evaluation and research dissemination. In her former role as an Extension Specialist, she provided evaluation leadership on a variety of community-based education topics, including climate variability and agriculture, new farmer leadership development, homeownership and financial capability, anger management, parenting, health self-management, and food safety. Cheryl is P.I. and Project Director of the SAMHSA-funded MSU Extension MiSUPER project.

In 2017, with colleagues, she published an innovation report in Academic Medicine proposing how the national Cooperative Extension framework can serve as a model of health extension to be implemented at other extension services within land-grant institutions and our nation's academic health centers and community-based medical schools. Her recent publications highlight successful strategies of the MSU Model of Health Extension.


Ph.D.  Human Development and Family Sciences, Oregon State University.
M.S.    Family Sciences and Gerontology, Oregon State University.
B.A.    Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology, Oakland University.

Research Interests

Aging and health; participatory and community-engaged research; Health Extension; connecting primary care with community-based education programs; program evaluation methods.


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Working Differently in Extension podcast about this article, at

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