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Professor Emeritus
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  • Extension 42%
  • Research  35%
  • Teaching  22%


  • B.S. in Biology, Nasson College
  • M.S. in Plant Science, University of Maine
  • PhD in Horticulture, Oregon State University


Dr. Hanson was involved in a broad range of research projects addressing applied questions related to fruit production, with an emphasis on berry crops. Some of Dr. Hanson's interests have included the mineral nutrition and fertilizer use in fruit production, cover crops and weed management, growth regulator use, berry genotype screening for adoption to Michigan conditions, and high tunnel use for berry production.  The primary crops he has worked with are blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, grapes, raspberries and strawberries.


Dr. Hanson provided berry crop producers with current production recommendations through printed and on-line resources, meetings, and field demonstrations. He served as resource person for Extension educational programs in Michigan and elsewhere on topics such as berry crop nutrition, weed management, variety selection, and horticultural practices, provided in-service training for Extension educators, and served as Education Coordinator for the Michigan State Horticulture Society, coordinating fruit education programs for the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Marketing EXPO.


Selected Recent Publications

  • Hanson, E., B. Crain and J. Moses. 2019. Cropping on primocanes and floricanes increases yields of organic raspberries in high tunnels. HortScience 54:459-462. DOI 10.21273/HORTSCI13632-18
  • Hanson, E., B. Crain and K. Hanson. 2019. Response of potted red raspberry cultivars to double-cropping under high tunnels, HortScience 54:1972-1975.
  • Hanson, E., B. Crain and D. Brown-Rytlewski. 2018. Primocane fruiting raspberry cultivar evaluation in high tunnels. J. Amer. Pomological Soc. 72:122-127.
  • Leach, H., J. Moses, E. Hanson, P. Fanning, and Rufus Isaacs. 2017. Rapid harvest schedules and fruit removal as non-chemical approaches for managing spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) in red raspberries. J. Pest. Sci. 29 April 2017  DOI 10.1007/s10340-017-0873-9
  • Lobos, T., Retamales, J.B., Ortega-Farías, S., Hanson, E., López-Olivari, R., Mora, M. 2017. Pre-harvest regulated deficit irrigation effects on physiological parameters, yield, fruit quality and antioxidants of Vaccinium corymbosum plants cv. Brigitta. Irrigation Science. Doi: 10.1007/s00271-017-0564-6
  • Lobos, T.  S. Ortega-Far,  E. Hanson, R. Lapez-Olivari, M.  and J. Retamales. 2016.  Pre-harvest regulated deficit irrigation management effects on post-harvest quality and condition of V. corymbosum fruits cv. Brigitta. Sci. Hort. 207:152–159.
  • Hanson, E., T. Marks and R. Isaacs. 2016. Organic high tunnel production of raspberries in a humid region. Acta Hort 1133: 259-262.
  • Zhang, Lei, Y. Zhinong, E. Hanson and E. Ryser. 2015. Efficacy of chlorine dioxide gas and freezing rate on the microbiological quality of frozen blueberries. Food Control 47:114-119.
  • Lindberg, W., E. Hanson and G.A. Lobos. 2014. Partial inhibition of flowering in young highbush blueberries with gibberellins. Cien. Inv. Agr. 41(3):349-356.51.
  • Gluck, Benjamin and E. Hanson. 2013. Effect of drip irrigation and winter precipitation on distribution of soil salts in three season high tunnels. Acta Hort. 987:99-104.
  • Demchak, K. and E. Hanson. 2013. Small fruit production in high tunnels in the U. S. Acta Hort. 987:41-47.
  • Grieshop, Matthew J, E. Hanson, A. Schilder, R. Isaacs, D. Mutch, C. Garcia-Salazar, M. Longstroth, and J. Sadowsky. 2012. Status update on organic blueberries in Michigan. Inter. J. Fruit Sci. 12:232-245.
  • Hanson, E.J., Gluck, B.I. and Schilder, A. 2013. High tunnels for organic raspberry production in the midwestern US. Acta Hort. 1001:73-77.
  • Lang, G., E. Hanson, J. Biernbaum, D. Brainard, M. Grieshop, R. Isaacs, A. Montri, V. Morrone, A. Schilder, D. Conner, and J. Koan. 2013. Holistic integration of organic strategies and high tunnels for Midwest/Great Lakes fruit production. Acta Hort. 1001:47-55.
  • Sadowski, J., A. Schilder, and E. Hanson. 2012. Root colonization by ericoid mycorrhizae and dark septate endophytes in organic and conventional blueberry fields in Michigan. Inter. J. Fruit Sci. 12:169-187.
  • Hanson, E. 2012. Primocane-fruiting blackberry performance in high tunnels in cold regions. Acta Hort. 946:347-402.
  • Hanson, Eric,  Mike Von Weihe, Annemiek C. Schilder, Ann M. Chanon and Joseph Scheerens. 2011. High tunnel production of floricane- and primocane-fruiting raspberries. HortTechnology 21:412-418.
  • Hanson, E.J. 2009. Response of highbush blueberry to postemergent herbicides. Acta Hort. 810:425-428.
  • Hancock, J., P Callow, S. Serce, E. Hanson, and R. Beaudry. 2008. Effect of cultivar, controlled atmosphere storage and ripeness on long term storage of highbush blueberries. HortTechnology 18: 196-319.
  • Hanson, E.J., S.F. Berkheimer, and J.F. Hancock. 2007. Seasonal changes in the cold hardiness of highbush blueberry flower buds. J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 61:14-18.
  • Popa, I.,  E. Hanson, E. Todd, A. Schilder, and E. Ryser. 2007.  Efficacy of chlorine dioxide gas sachets for enhancing the microbiological quality and safety of blueberries. J. Food. Prot. 70:2084-2088.

Program Areas

Fruit - Pomology

  • Weed management approaches for conventional and organic blueberry production.
  • High tunnel use in organic raspberry production.
  • High tunnels to extend the season and improve berry crop yields and berry quality.  Dr. Hanson is the PI for a USDA-SCRI research and extension project coordinated across eight universities titled "Optimizing Protected Culture Environments for Berry Crops".  Details can be found on the project's website: