Harmony Fierke-Gmazel, MURP, AICP

Harmony Fierke-Gmazel

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Government and Community Vitality Educator



Harmony Fierke-Gmazel, MURP, AICP is a Government and Community Vitality Educator providing community development expertise to local governments within MSU Extension Districts 12, 8, and 9.  With a graduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning from MSU and 18 years of experience, Ms. Gmazel brings quality MSUE programming such as ‘Citizen Planner’ and more to all levels of government in Michigan. Her focus areas include placemaking, planning and zoning, crime prevention through environmental design, downtown development, hazard mitigation, green infrastructure, social equity and much more. 

She is a partner with MSU's Urban Collaborators program, an instructor for the National Charrette Institute at MSU, and a regular guest speaker at MSU’s School of Planning, Design and Construction.  Most recently, Ms. Gmazel led a six-part statewide webinar series on 'Resiliency Planning' in partnership with the Comprehensive Economic Recovery Initiative at MSU.  Ms. Gmazel also serves tribal governments across Michigan in a land management and leadership capacity.