Kyung-Hwan Han

Kyung-Hwan Han
Telephone: 517-353-0382

Department of Forestry

Professor, Plant Molecular Biology

Plant and Soil Sciences, 1066 Bogue St Room A332, East Lansing MI 48824


PhD Michigan State University  

Research Interests

Molecular Biology of Secondary Growth

Molecular biology of secondary growth; Secondary wall biosynthesis; Feedstock Development for bioenergy and biomaterials  

Selected Publications

(A complete list of publicaitons can be found on Google Scholar.)

Ko, J.-H., Kim, W.-C., Kim, J.-Y., Ahan, S.J., and Han, K.-H. 2012. MYB46-mediated transcriptional regulation of secondary wall biosynthesis. Molecular 10.1093/mp/sss076.

Kim, W.-C., Ko, J.-H., Kim, J.-Y., Kim, J.M., Bae, H.J., and Han, K.-H. 2012.  MYB46 directly regulates the gene expression of secondary wall-associated cellulose synthases in Arabidopsis.  Plant J, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2012.05124.x

Ko, J.-H., Kim, H.-T., Hwang, I., and Han, K.-H. 2012. Tissue-specific whole-genome transcriptome analysis identifies developing xylem-specific promoters in poplar. Plant Biotechnology Journal 10: 587-596.  

Kim, W.-C., Ko, J.-H., and Han, K.-H. 2011. Identification of a cis-acting regulatory motif recognized by MYB46, a master transcriptional regulator of secondary wall biosynthesis. Plant Molecular Biology 78: 489-501. 

Ko, J.-H., Kim, W.-C., and Han, K.-H. 2009. Ectopic expression of MYB46 identifies transcriptional regulatory genes involved in secondary wall biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Plant J 60: 649-665 (featured on the cover).

Ko, J.-H., Yang, S., Park, A.H., Lerouxel, O., and Han, K.-H. 2007. ANAC012, a member of the plant-specific NAC transcription factor family, negatively regulates xylary fiber development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J 50: 1035-1048 (featured on the cover).

Ko, J.-H., Yang, S., and Han, K.-H. 2006. Upregulation of an Arabidopsis RING-H2 Gene, XERICO, Confers Drought Tolerance through Increased ABA Biosynthesis. Plant J 47: 343-355.

Ko, J.-H., Prassinos, C., and Han, K.-H. 2006. Developmental and seasonal expression of PtaHB1, a Populus gene encoding a class III HD-Zip protein, is tightly associated with secondary growth and inversely correlated with the level of microRNA (miR166). New Phytologist 169: 469-478.

Ko, J.H., Han, K.-H., Park, S., and Yang, J. 2004. Plant body weight-induced secondary growth in Arabidopsis and its transcription phenotype revealed by whole-transcriptome profiling. Plant Physiology 135: 1069-1083.

Yang, J., Park, S., Kamdem, D.P., Keathley, D.E., Retzel, E., Paule, C., Kapur, V. and Han, K.-H. 2003. Novel gene expression profiles define the metabolic and physiological processes characteristic of wood and its extractive formation in a hardwood tree species,Robinia pseudoacacia. Plant Mol. Biol. 52: 935-956 (featured on the cover). 

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