• Odor Management Plans

    Published on June 11, 2012

    Odor management plans (OMP) can help farmers determine the major farm odor sources.

  • Safe Home Processing of Poultry (E2898)

    Published on April 2, 2012

    4-H youths raise poultry every year as projects for county or state fair exhibits. After the fair, some birds may be processed either for immediate consumption or for future use.

  • MSU Environmental Quality for Agriculture

    Published on March 20, 2012

    The Michigan State University Environmental Quality for Agriculture team provides industry information on air quality, biosecurity, diet modification, mortality management and water conservation.

  • MSU's Animal Welfare and Behavior Group

    Published on February 8, 2012

    MSU's Animal Welfare and Behavior Group focuses its research on identifying and developing management practices and standards for improving the quality of life for animals.