Balaton Product Availability

We are pleased to be able to direct you to several sources of Balaton® products. As the number of Balaton® trees planted in the U.S. increases, the number of products featuring Balaton® cherries will also increase.

three full cartons of cherries

Glass packed cherries (Brandied Balaton® Cherries)

American Spoon Foods® -

Cherry preserves, pie filling,and cherry butter

Engle Ridge Farms -

Cherry Wine and Port

(selected brands of cherry wine and port contain Balaton® cherries)

Michigan Wines -

Frozen Balaton® Cherries:

CherryCentral -
Friske Orchards -
King Orchards -
Leelanau Fruit Company -
Peterson Farms -

Balaton® Concentrate:

Royal Farms -
Ellsworth, MI 49729
Telephone: (231) 633-3222