Specification Sheet

Balaton® - General Characteristics

(source: Cherry Marketing Institute)

Character: Firm (like a sweet cherry)
Color: Deep mahogany skin color
Brix: 16.8 for individually quick frozen (IQF) fruit
Taste: Pleasantly tart, not sour
Fruit length: 18.8 mm
Fruit weight: 5.8 g
Soluble solids: 15.9%
pH: 3.47
Acidity: 1.46%
Anthocyanin: 2.54 (For comparision, anthocyanin of Schattenmorello is 3.51)
Harvest: Approximately 7 days after Montmorency

Balaton® - Chemical analysis from IQF (individually quick frozen) fruit

Levels are based on one serving of 100 g (approximately 25 cherries)
(source: Cherry Marketing Institute)

Calories 49
Calories from fat 0
Total carbohydrates 11.8%

Total dietary fiber 1.2%
     Insoluble fiber 0.7%
     Soluble fiber 0.5%

Sugars by HPLC
Total 8.11%
    Fructose 3.16%
    Glucose 4.65%
    Sucrose 0%
    Maltose 0%
    Lactose 0%

Protein by Dumas 0.906%
Vitamin C, total <1%
Sodium 4.5 mg
Calcium 16.5 mg
Iron 0.457 mg
Water 86.9%
Ash (overnight 16hr) 0.3%
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