Crop and Soil Sciences

The Crop and Soil Sciences major is designed to train professional crop scientists, soil scientists, turfgrass scientists and environmentalists. It prepares them to apply scientific principles of crop and soil management for careers in agriculture, agribusiness, turfgrass management, government agencies, and related areas.


Agronomic Sciences

Agronomic Sciences is a profession that encompasses all aspects of crop production and soil management. There is a close relationship between crop science and soil science. The goal of the crop scientist is to increase plant production, grain quality, and profit by utilizing genetics, breeding, physiology, and pest management. The goal of the soil scientist is to improve soil fertility and the chemical, physical, and microbial characteristics of the soil. These two subjects are combined in Agronomic Sciences to develop an integrated approach to the management of crops and soils. Demands for new applications are constantly emerging. There are many complex interactions in plant growth and genetics; the physical, chemical, and biological factors involved in improving crop yields; and the soil-plant-animal relationships that determine the sustainability of cropping systems. CSS faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in both the basic and applied plant and soil sciences. The faculty work as partners with agricultural industries to serve agriculture, the citizens of Michigan, the nation, and the world.

Questions regarding this program can be directed to:

Agronomy majors and minors Academic Advisor:

Susan Gruber, (517) 353-0326,

Turfgrass Management

Turfgrass Management encompasses many of the same agronomic principles and applies them to the management of grasses for use on golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns, and recreational areas. Turfgrass adds beauty to the landscape, minimizes sound and air pollution, stabilizes the soil, and reduces the heat load on homes through transpiration cooling.


Questions regarding this program can be directed to:

Turfgrass majors Academic Advisor:

Susan Gruber, (517) 353-0326,


Advanced Study

The Advanced Study concentration is specifically designed for those students who plan to attend graduate school. While all of the concentrations in the department prepare students for graduate study, this concentration requires the completion of advanced levels of math and the basic sciences such as chemistry, physics, and botany. It also requires the completion of original research and presentation of the results in written form and in an oral or poster format.


There are several Minors  that students may obtain in addition to their major:

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