Joan Rose Dives Deep

Meet Michigan State University’s internationally-renowned water researcher

  • Karim Maredia

    Entomologist. World-Traveler. Biotech Pioneer.

    Born in a tiny remote village in India, Karim Maredia left home at the age of 5. Today, he is one of the world’s authorities on diverse agricultural topics such as biotechnology, biosafety and inte­grated pest management.

  • Joshua Knoll in Japan, where his life was changed at an International Student Summit on Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

    Study Abroad Leads to Lifetime Impact

    When Joshua Knoll left for Japan last October, he never imagined his brief trip would produce such a long-term effect ...

  • Michigan sunrise

    Ripe For The Taking

    Imagine a state-of-the-art greenhouse so big it disappears into the horizon. One that uses advanced technology like energy curtains and automated harvest carts to provide fresh produce year round ...

  • Potato chips made by Dave Douches.

    Biotech in Indonesia & Bangladesh

    Dave Douches loves potatoes. He grows them, breeds them, takes them around the world, and makes potato chips. He's even made his chips for the former President Obama ...

  • MSU grad student, Tutillo Mudumba (top), Assistant Professor, Robert Montgomery, and Research Assistant Sophia Jingo, look for wildlife in Murchison Falls.

    Snares to Wares

    Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) in Uganda is picturesque. It's exactly how you might imagine an African wildlife preserve--lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos and other wildlife roaming about the savannah ...

  • Joan Rose in the water

    Restless Soul Leads to Lifelong Work in Water

    Joan Rose is accomplished. And she improves lives every day for people she doesn’t even know. But her story isn’t finished.

  • Students and faculty participating in problem-solving discussions.

    Detroit Serves as Classroom to Students

    Over the summer, 60 MSU students & faculty lived, worked, played and learned in Detroit as part of DETxMSU, a program that immersed students from six colleges into the city. They partnered with stakeholders to work on real-life creative problem-solving.

  • mildew leaf.

    Plant Pathologist Among Most Recent Class of University Distinguished Professors

    Plant Pathologist Mary Hausbeck was named a University Distinguished Professor in 2015, the top honor for MSU faculty.

  • Women farmers that Maredia has helped

    Finding Her Place at MSU

    "I started out as an economist but found a natural fit in working with smallholder farmers, especially women farmers."

  • Edwin L. Carpenter, 1916-2014

    Devoted Spartan Leaves Lasting Legacy

    Edwin L. Carpenter loved three things in life: working, agriculture and MSU.

  • Meredith Gore goes to Washington

    Dr. Gore Goes to Washington

    What would you do if you were in a basement in Washington, D.C., surrounded by a series of doors—none of which had an actual handle?

  • Sparty's Cabin

    Tiny Home, Big Life: Sparty's Cabin

    Debra Levantrosser's experience in implementing lean manufacturing at companies for two decades might be one reason she thinks a lot about living small. Or, maybe, it might be the food truck she owns and runs ...

  • Brad Day in the lab with a plant.

    From Lab To The Field, Research Takes Food Where It's Needed Most

    The right food for the right location: This has long been the mantra of agricultural research, which sought to develop the most productive varieties of food matched to their ideal climatic regions. But what if this didn't have to be the case?