10 Cents a Meal Info Session for Farms and Food Distributors

April 8, 2021 - Author: Diane Conners, , , , Beth Kavanaugh, Dave Coveyou, Rosebud Schneider, Nic Welty, Eric Gavin, and Brandon Seng

Michigan Farm to Institution Network hosted an informational session for farms and food distributors to better understand opportunities to sell local food to Michigan schools through the 10 Cents a Meal program. In addition to an overview of the program, guest speakers provided farm and school perspectives on new business opportunities offered through the statewide program, and answered questions from the audience about working with schools to sell local produce.

This info session featured the following speakers:


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Colleen Matts

Colleen Matts

Abigail Harper

Abigail Harper

Garrett Ziegler

Garrett Ziegler

For more information visit:

Center for Regional Food Systems

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