annual bluegrass plant

Annual bluegrass - Poa annua

Poa annua L.

Poaceae (Grass family)

MI Status


Life cycle

Clump-forming winter or summer annual.


Hairless, soft, light green leaves are folded in the bud and lack auricles. Leaves have linear margins (sides parallel) and distinctive boat-shaped tips.


Slightly pointed membranous ligule.


Upright, bending, up to 1-foot-tall stems are clump-forming, enlarge by tillering and may root at the lower nodes.

More information and control options


Annualbluegrass Poa annua plant
Annual bluegrass – Poa annua – plant
Annualbluegrass Poa annua seed head
Annual bluegrass – Poa annua – seed head
Annualbluegrass Poa annua leaf tip
Annual bluegrass – Poa annua – seed head leaf tip

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