Farm Family Effects of Adopting Improved and Hybrid Sorghum Seed in the Sudan Savanna of West Africa

January 10, 2018 - Author: Smale, M., Assima, A., Kergna, A., Theriault, V., and Weltzien, E.

Smale, M., Assima, A., Kergna, A., Theriault, V., and Weltzien, E. 2018. Farm family effects of adopting improved and hybrid sorghum seed in the Sudan Savanna of West Africa. Food Policy, 74 (January): 162-171.

• The first sorghum hybrids based on local germplasm in West Africa yield well on farms.
• Intrahousehold status on extended family farms affects adoption of improved seed.
• Adoption raises yield, reduces the harvest share consumed and also purchased.
• Adoption increases the harvest share sold and dietary diversity.

Tags: food security group, fsg peer reviewed publications, fsp peer reviewed publications, gisaia, innovation lab for food security policy, input use and market development, nutrition, sustainable agricultural intensification, west africa/sahel


Melinda Smale

Melinda Smale

Véronique Thériault

Véronique Thériault

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