Identifying Your Skill Set

March 31, 2015

 Here are some resources to help you identify your skills, talents and interests so you can find a career that truly fits you!

Workforce Readiness: Get in the Act! National 4-H Curriculum
The national 4-H Workforce Readiness: Get in the Act! curriculum is different from many traditional career planning tools that focus on résumés and interviewing. Get in the Act! activities help middle schoolers look at personal qualities, teamwork and critical thinking skills as they prepare for the world of work. The curriculum includes a fun, interactive, two-part CD. Part 1, "Exploring Your True Colors," helps young people learn their personality type to identify potential jobs to consider. Part 2, “On the Job Choices,” illustrates common workplace challenges young people experience. Find out more about Workforce Readiness: Get in the Act! here:

WOW! Wild Over Work Curriculum

WOW! Wild Over Work is designed to help teen and adult volunteers and teachers introduce children aged 5 to 12 to skills and behaviors they'll need in the workforce of the future. The curriculum consists of hands-on, experiential activities in career exploration and skill development. It is organized around four themes: Work Around Me, Work in My Community, Work Around the World, and Work in My Future. The elementary years are a great time for children to begin exploring different career possibilities and developing good work habits. The idea behind WOW! is to expose children to a variety of options and help them gather information and think about the future. WOW! includes 23 activities that can easily be integrated into existing 4-H programs, after-school programs and school  classrooms. They're grouped into the four theme areas, but don't have to be carried out in sequence. (100 pages, volunteer/teacher guide and group activity guide). The curriculum is out of print but can be downloaded for free below. For more information, contact 

MSU Career Services Network

Job Applications

Job application forms are used to help managers spot your strengths and weaknesses. Below are links to a handout with tips on how to successfully complete a job application form and also to a sample job application form you can practice filling out.


Pre-College Programs

Pre-college programs offer young people a wonderful opportunity to briefly explore a particular career or academic area to see if it’s worth a closer look. The point is to provide exposure to a broad area and show the many career possibilities related to a particular field.

  • MSU Spartan Youth Programs  Michigan State University Spartan Youth Programs offers more than 100 programs and activities for kids from preschool through high school. Come and join in the FUN! 
  • 4-H Capitol Experience
    This program explores civic engagement and public policy in Lansing. You’ll discover a citizen’s role in the state government, network with other students, explore new careers and much more! 
  • 4-H Exploration Days
    This program gives young people a chance to experience college life, learn new ideas and skills, and meet people from across Michigan.
  • 4-H Great Lakes & Natural Resources Camp 
    This program teaches youth about Michigan’s diverse natural resources and the Great Lakes ecosystems.
  • 4-H Discovery Camp
    This program will explore ideas, research and opportunities in the field of energy as it relates to natural resources and agriculture.

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