Market Opportunities for Meat Goats


January 31, 2006 - Author: William A Knudson


This paper presents a brief overview of market opportunities for those interested in the meat goat industry. Overall, the opportunities for expanding and developing this market are limited. It is unlikely that goat meat will become as widely accepted by U.S. consumers as chicken or beef.

Nonetheless there is one major opportunity. One of the major demand drivers of the food system is ethnicity. The goat industry can appeal to this demand driver in one of two ways, marketing goat meat to Hispanics, especially those from Central America and Caribbean countries. The other major group to appeal to is Muslims. In order to appeal to Muslims, goat meat must be slaughtered and processed in accordance to Muslim dietary guidelines (Halal). Given the large Muslim population in Southeastern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio, marketing goat to this group of consumers probably maximizes the probability of being successful. Another consideration of marketing goat meat is the fact that the demand for goat meat is highest around Muslim holidays. A farmer, cooperative or other goat meat marketer needs to be able to supply sufficient numbers of animals when demand is at its peak.

The U.S. is a net importer of goat products, primarily from Australia and New Zealand. This is evidence that there is the potential to expand the market for goat production in the U.S. This is particularly true given the fact that imported goat meat is mostly frozen and many customers prefer the taste of fresh goat meat.


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