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MSU Product Center 2022 Economic Impacts


July 21, 2023

Since 2003, the Michigan State University (MSU) Product Center has assisted in business expansions resulting in total investments of $537 million and creation of 3,536 jobs. 

By the numbers

  • 676 MSU Product Center Clients: Entrepreneurs who have participated in one or more counseling sessions.
  • 3,355 Counseling Sessions: These entrepreneurs have participated in one or more counseling sessions.
  • 201 Jobs: Number of new jobs created as reported.
  • 159 Jobs Retained: Result from working with an existing business where jobs otherwise would have been lost.
  • 101 Licenses Obtained: Includes applicable food and beverage processing licenses and certifications. 

Dollar value impacts

  • $8,402,000 Owner Investment
  • $20,231,624 Other Capital Investments/Grants
  • $1,451,500 In Loans Obtained

Total Capital Formation: $30,085,124

Food Processing and Innovation Center

  • 31 clients
  • 85 production days
  • 754 hours
  • 16 products

Core services

Venture Development

The MSU Product Center provides vital venture development services for new and emerging businesses. Innovation counselors across the state deliver one-on-one counseling to clients and assist with developing concepts and business plans, navigating the regulatory process and accessing the supply chain.

Thanks to the MSU Product Center's close relationship with MSU campus staff and faculty, clients can access specialized services such as product classification and process authority review, nutritional labeling, food science, food processing and safety expertise, and packaging assistance. 

Food Processing and Innovation Center

The Food Processing and Innovation Center is the nation's leading independent commercial food development, processing, packaging, and research facility. The center's real-time production environment supports the creation of vibrant new food products. Businesses big and small rent the state-of-the-art facility, which features the latest in processing and packaging technology to help reduce their risks and discover ways to take their operations to the next level. Product made in the Center comply with Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations.

Accelerated Growth Services

Accelerated Growth Services works with established businesses that want to improve their market performance. The MSU Product Center helps clients meet the high-level food safety and certification required by retailers. These strategic planning services also assist companies in charting a course for business expansion. 

Strategic Research Group

The Strategic Research Group serves a broad and diverse client base. Market analysis, feasibility studies and economic impact reports provide clients with the data they need to make key decisions.

Making It In Michigan

The Making It In Michigan Conference and Marketplace Trade Show is an annual event designed to assist food business entrepreneurs. The conference provides educational sessions with a focus on starting and expanding food businesses. The trade show offers a venue for entrepreneurs to showcase their products to retail buyers.

2023 Award Winners

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Hummus Goodness
Hannah Awada and Lara Lozser

Value-Added Agriculture Award

Fat Baby Hot Sauce, LLC
Nate Mehren and Terry Wolter

Start-Up to Watch

Downey's Potato Chips
Kali Bagley

Barrier Buster Award

Hallstedt Homestead Cherries, LLC
Phillip and Sarah Hallstedt

Young Innovator Award

Last Mile Cafe
Arick Davis

Director's Award

Bobbie Morrison
USDA Rural Development


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