Rethinking African Partnerships for Global Solutions

March 1, 2018 Author:

Rethinking African Partnerships for Global Solutions
Thomas Jayne and Jamie Monson

This edited volume is published by Michigan State University’s Alliance for African Partnership, and is the product of numerous discussions in 2016 and 2017 with colleagues in African universities, research institutes, governments, private sector organizations and civil society, as well as with strategic development partners and MSU’s Africanist faculty.


Since early in their post-independence histories, almost all African countries have addressed their most pressing developmental challenges through collaborations involving African governments, African universities, the private sector, civil society, donor/financial organizations, and international technical partners (universities, research institutes, and program implementation organizations). These organizations interact within an ecosystem influenced by funding patterns, power relations, and the individual goals and objectives of the participants involved. Our premise is that prevailing development-oriented ecosystems are not optimal and that changes in the way that these partnerships are structured can lead to more sustainable and mutually beneficial forms of collaboration and more effective outcomes for society. The Alliance for African Partnership has invited a number of people who we regard as thought leaders on this topic to present their perspectives and reflections in this volume, stimulate discussion, solicit feedback, and collectively encourage more effective forms of partnerships.

Tags: alliance for african partnership, capacity building, collaborative in-country research papers, cross-country, cross-cutting, food security & food policy research/outreach programs, food security group, youth employment / entrepreneurship


Thomas Jayne

Thomas Jayne

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