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Salsa Kit

May 15, 2024

Kit Contents and Resources

Tomato: Gichi-ogin(iin)

Cilantro: Apaabowe-miinjashk

Jalapeno and Bell Pepper: Gaa-wiisagang-goodotaagan(an)

Onion: Zhigaagawanzh(iig)

General Resources

Tips and Tricks

  • One way to think about these plants is in terms of cool season and warm season. Some plants we grow in our gardens prefer warmer temperatures and warmer soil to grow. Hot peppers and tomatoes are an example of warm season plants, which is one of the reasons why they are often started indoors late in the winter to get a jump start on the season. 
  • Onion and cilantro are examples of cool season plants, which means you can grow them as early as you can outdoors to get them comfortable in the soil as it naturally warms with the season. 
    • Cilantro can also be grown indoors, like in a window sill. 
    • Onions will want to be planted as early in the season as possible so they have the full time to grow. 

Planting and Preventing Disease

  • There are a few disease and pest problems to keep an eye out for.
  • The tomato starts in your kit should be ready to be planted, when doing so feel free to bring the soil level up a few inches than how it was planted in the nursery pot. 
    • Once in the ground, it's important to make sure the moisture levels are consistent to prevent wilting. If you see your plant wilting or drooping, that means it doesn't have enough water. This can lead to damage to the roots of the plant, which can make it more difficult to grow a good tomato fruit later in the season.

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