Tall fescue plant.

Tall fescue - Lolium arundinacea

Lolium arundinacea Schreb. (aka Festuca arundinaceae, Schedonrus arundinaceus)

Poaceae (Grass family)

Life cycle

Clump-forming, cool-season perennial forage or turfgrass


Leaves are dark green, coarse, with rough margins.  Dull surface and prominent veins above with glossy surface beneath.  Leaves are rolled in the bud. Cut edges are rough and brown slightly adding to its distinction from turfgrasses.


Short and membranous. 


Blunt and lobe-like.


Whitish and divided in the center by the midrib.

tall fescue clump
Tall fescue clump
tall fescue auricles
Tall fescue auricles
tall fescue collar
tall fescue ligule and leaf blade
tall fescue seedhead
tall fescue seedhead
tall fescue mowed
Ragged appearance of mowed tall fescue blades
tall fescue roots
Fibrous roots of tall fescue, note no rhizomes are present

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