Metro Detroit Flower Growers Scholarship

Application Deadline: October 10, 2021

Available to currently enrolled MSU students who are majoring in Horticulture.  This department scholarship is one of several which participate in a single scholarship online application form, typically due October 1 of each year. Currently enrolled Horticulture Students will receive an e-mail from their advisor when the electronic application process opens, with instructions on how to apply as well as the deadline.

The Metro Detroit Flower Growers Scholarship was established by the Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA) to provide recognition and incentive to promising students with interests in floriculture and majoring in the Department of Horticulture. 

Typical amount awarded: $2,500.

Student selection criteria for this scholarship is as follows:

  • The recipient(s) must be enrolled in either the two-year Floriculture Ag-Tech program or the four-year degree program and must intend to pursue a career in floriculture and/or the production of one or more of the major greenhouse crops, greenhouse management, landscape management through the use of annuals.
  • Must demonstrate sound academic performance by attaining an overall GPA of 2.0 or better, or a GPA of 2.5 or better in major related classes
  • Must demonstrate a relationship with the MDFGA through one of the following:
  1. A relative working for or owner of a MDFGA member firm in good standing
  2. Has worked for or has been employed by a MDFGA member firm in good standing
  3. Is known by an employee of a MDFGA member firm in good standing. 
  • Financial need is not a requirement; however it may be used as a determining factor in making a final selection between two or more qualified candidates
  • Preference should be given to applicants having graduated from a Michigan high school.  If no one meets this requirement, then graduation from a high school located in the US is acceptable.