MSU Tollgate Farm Stewards Teen Leadership Programs

MSU Tollgate Farm Teen Leadership Programs provide a safe place for social, emotional, and physical growth.  The Stewards Teen Leadership Program looks forward to hosting the 2024 stewards and stewards-in-training teen leadership program for youth ages 13-19. 

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What is a Steward? A steward is a person whose responsibility it is to take care of something. This service opportunity offers teens a chance to enrich, mentor, and lead campers while gaining valuable leadership and life skills. In a positive educational environment, teens experience the responsibilities associated with potential career paths before entering college. The Tollgate Teen Steward (15-19 yrs) and Steward-in-Training (13-14 yrs) program is for youth interested in gaining experience serving in leadership roles. 

The Stewards-in-Training (SIT) program is the start of the progressive Teen Leadership Program. Stewards-in-Training are 13-14 years of age and commit to at least one full week of camp Monday through Friday, 8 am - 4 pm. Stewards-in-training cost per week is $200.   

The Stewards program is for teens 15-19 years old who serve as volunteer assistants to the educational leaders and role models for both SITs and campers. Stewards develop a deep understanding and knowledge of the farm and our educational camp program. Stewards develop skills which can be called upon as they move forward through their academic and work careers. First year stewards are asked to submit a resume and complete a 20-minute virtual interview.

Camp day starts at 8 am on Monday, 8:20 Tuesdays - Fridays. All teens stay for a 30 minute camp reflection on Tuesdays. 

Important dates for stewards and stewards-in-training in 2024:

Early May                  Interviews for 1st Year Stewards (TBD)
June 21-22                Mandatory stewards and SIT training for all SITs and Stewards
June 23 - Aug 16      Summer camp season
August 1                    4:30 - 8:30 pm Midsummer Celebration and Leadership Training



MSU Stewards Sustainability Leadership Institute 

SSLI is an extended environmental leadership program which focuses on building up young leaders interested in making a difference in the world around them as they explore principles of sustainability. Through youth voice and choice, teen stewards meet throughout the school year as they build adult/youth partnerships and mentor peers through this advanced youth leadership summit. Incorporating a mentorship model, a multi-day outdoor leadership adventures, leadership roles at the steward leadership trainings and at camp, a completion certificate, and a capstone sustainability action project, this action-packed program focuses on educating for sustainability. For those interested in learning more or applying for this fun and exciting leadership experience for upcoming years, email

For questions regarding the MSU Tollgate Farm Stewards Teen Leadership Program or the Stewards Sustainability Leadership Institute, please call 248-701-9956. Ellen Koehler, Tollgate Farm Education Manager and Stewards Teen Leadership Program Coordinator at

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