2008 Annual Results

Herbaceous Plant Codes
Herbaceous Plant Common Names
Herbicides and Adjuvants

Precipitation Data


C01-08 Weed Control with Steadfast Q, Resolve Q and Require Q

C02-08 Grass and Broadleaf Control with HPPD Inhibitors

C03-08 Postemergence Timing in Herbicide Resistant Corn

C04-08 Weed Control Programs Comparison

C05-08 Weed Control in Corn with Laudis Post with and without Corvus PRE

C06-08 Weed Control with Capreno and Balance Flexx

C07-08 Weed Control in Corn with Halex GT

C08-08 Timing of Status and Roundup WeatherMAX on Weed Control

C09-08 Broadleaf Weed Control in Corn with HPPD Inhibitors

C10-08 Weed Control in Corn with HPPD Inhibitors with and without Glyphosate

C11-08 Weed Control in Corn with Kixor

C12-08 Weed Control in Corn with KIH-485 PRE

C13-08 Weed Control in Corn with Glyphosate Tank-Mixes

C14-08 Weed Control in Corn with Post Application of Sulfonylurea Herbicides

C15-08 Glyphosate Tank-Mix Partner Comparisons

C16-08 Tolerance of Corn to Harness and Degree

C17-08 Weed Control in No-Till Corn with KIH-485

C20-08 Volunteer Potato in Corn, Montcalm Co.

C21-08 Weed Control in Corn with Various Tillage Systems



SOY01-08 Control of Glyphosate-Resistant Corn in Soybean

SOY02-08 Valor-Sencor Combinations for Weed Control in Soybean

SOY03-08 Soil-applied Residual Herbicides for Use in Soybean

SOY04-08 Comparison of Commercial Weed Control Programs in Soybean

SOY05-08 Weed Control in Non-GMO Soybean

SOY06-08 Comparison of Different Adjuvants for Use with Glyphosate

SOY07-08 Comparison of Postemergence PPO Inhibitors in Soybean

SOY08-08 Evaluation of Rate Reducing Products with Glyphosate

SOY09-08 Weed Control Systems in Liberty Link Soybean

SOY10-08 Comparison of Liberty Link and Roundup Ready Soybean

SOY11-08 Potential PRE Herbicide Combinations for Weed Control in GAT Soybean

SOY12-08 Potential Antagonisms with Glyphosate for GAT Crops


No-till Soybean

FSB01-08 Fall-Applied Herbicides for Weed Control in Soybean

FSB02-08 Long-term Management of Dandelion in No-Till

FSB03-08 Interaction of Winter Annual Weed Removal on Insects I

NTS01-08 Interaction of Winter Annual Weed Removal on Insects II

NTS02-08 Early Preplant Comparison of KIH-485 and Acetamide Herbicides

NTS03-08 Commercial Comparisons in No-Till Soybean

NTS04-08 Evaluation of Kixor Technology for Weed Control in No-Till Soybean

NTS05-08 Next Generation Formulatons of Glyphosate

NTS06-08 Comparison of Conventional and No-Till Weed Control Options in Soybean

NTS07-08 Potential Herbicide Combinations for Weed Control in No-Till GAT Soybean


Edible Dry Bean

DB01-08 Weed Control in Dry Edible Beans

DB02-08 Harvest Aids in Dry Edible Beans



P01-08 Tolerance of Potato Mini-tubers to PRE and POST Herbicide Applications

P02-08 Weed Control in Potato with

P03-08 Vine Desiccation in Potato

P04-08 Weed Control and Potato Crop Tolerance with V10142

P05-08 Weed Control and Potato Tolerance

P06-08 Herbicide Effect on Growth Cracks in Production Potatoes, Walthers

P07-08 Weed Control in Potato with Reflex, Krummer

P11-08 Potato Timing Study, Montcalm



DS01-08 Interaction of Glyphosate with Cercospora Leaf Spot

SB01-08 Effect of Row-width and Plant Population on Roundup Ready Sugar Beet

SB02-08 Weed Control Systems in Narrow-Row Roundup Ready Sugarbeet

SB03-08 Canopy Comparison of Two Roundup Ready Varieties

SB04-08 Time of weed removal in Roundup Ready sugar beet

SB05-08 Weed control and crop tolerance with Sequence in RR beets

SB06-08 Tank-mixes with glyphosate for Roundup Ready sugar beets

SB07-08 Evaluation of cover crops and reduced tillage with Roundup Ready Sugar Beets

SB08-08 Effect of Row-width and Plant Population on Roundup Ready Sugar Beet II 

SB09-08 Weed Control Systems in Narrow-Row Roundup Ready Sugarbeet II

SB10-08 Control of Volunteer Roundup Ready Corn in Roundup Ready Sugar Beets

SB11-08 Effect of Micronutrients on Glyphosate Activity

SB12-08 Evaluation of Adjuvants for use with Glyphosate Tank-Mixtures

SB13-08 Effect of Row-width and Plant Population on Roundup Ready Sugarbeet III

SB14-08 Weed Control Systems in Narrow-row Roundup Ready Sugarbeets III



WT01-08 Herbicide and 28% Nitrogen Interactions in Winter Wheat

WT02-08 Additives for Improvement of Glyphosate Activity in Winter Wheat