2023 Annual Results

2023 Annual Results



Herbaceous Plants

Herbicides and Adjuvants 


2023 Precipitation Data

East Lansing Plant Pathology

East Lansing HTRC


Hickory Corners


Weed Control in Soybean

SOY02     Comparison of commercial weed control programs in XtendFlex soybean

SOY03     Postemergence combinations with Liberty in Enlist E3 soybean

SOY04     Leading with Liberty for weed control in Enlist E3 soybean

SOY05     Weed control systems in Enlist E3 soybean

SOY06     Comparison of commercial weed control programs in Enlist E3 soybean

SOY08     Comparison of soil-applied herbicides in soybean

SOY09      Annual grass control with Liberty tank-mixtures

SOY10      Weed control systems in Enlist E3 soybean

SOY11      Weed control from various soil-applied herbicides in Enlist E3 soybean

SOY18     Weed control with AMV5233D in XtendFlex soybean   

SOY24    Titration of metribuzin rates for waterhemp control

SOY25    Metribuzin tank-mixtures for waterhemp control

SOY27    Waterhemp control options in XtendFlex soybean

SOY28    Waterhemp control with Tendovo in Enlist E3 systems

SOY29    Waterhemp control with various soil-applied (PRE) herbicides in soybean

SOY30    Glyphosate-resistant waterhemp control in Enlist E3 soybean


Weed Control in No-Till Soybean

NTS01     Weed control strategies using Zidua + Pursuit in no-till Enlist E3 soybean

NTS02    Burndown weed control with BAS851 and Reviton in soybean 

NTS03    Weed control and crop tolerance with increasing rates of metribuzin in no-till soybean   


Weed Control in Corn    


Weed Control in Dry Edible Bean

 DB03    Dry bean desiccation comparison using Defol


Weed Control in Sugarbeet

SB03    Sugarbeet tolerance to Rinskor

SB04    Effect of tank-contamination levels of chloransulam in sugarbeet

SB07    Waterhemp control with metamitron and ethofumesate in sugarbeet

SB08    Waterhemp control with Rinskor in sugarbeet

SB09    Waterhemp control with strategies using residual herbicides in sugarbeet


Weed Control in Winter Wheat


Weed Control in Non-Crop

NC01    Comparison of burndown herbicides for horseweed control