2011 Annual Results



Herbaceous Plants

Herbicides and Adjuvants

2011 Precipitation Data



A0111     Removal of Roundup Ready alfalfa stand prior to corn



C0111     Weed control systems with halosulfuron products in corn

C0211     Kixor weed control systems in corn

C0311     Weed control systems with Capreno and Impact

C0411     Comparison of commercial herbicide programs in corn

C0511     Evaluation of herbicide premixes without atrazine

C0611     Regional comparison of weed control systems in corn

C0711     Corn tolerance to Warrant herbicide

C0911     Weed control in corn with rimsulfuron and mesotrione tank-mixes

C1011     Weed control in corn with various adjuvants

C1511     Weed control in corn with Balance Flexx


No-till Corn

C1611     Weed control in no-till corn

C1711    Weed control in no-till corn with Authority and sulfentrazone



SOY01    Micronutrient effects on glyphosate in Roundup Ready soybean

SOY02    Weed control programs with Zidua in soybean

SOY03    Effectiveness and longevity of residual herbicides in soybean

SOY04    Weed control recommendations in Roundup Ready soybean

SOY05    Weed control programs in non-GMO soybean

SOY06    Brimstone as an additive to glyphosate + Cadet in soybean

SOY07    AMS replacements for use with glyphosate

SOY08    Evaluation of new Roundup formulations

SOY09    Comparison of commercial herbicide programs in soybean

SOY11    Postemergence soybean tolerance with Vida

SOY12    Weed control systems in Liberty Link soybean

SOY13    AMS replacements for use with Ignite (glufosinate)

SOY14    Weed management systems in dicamba tolerant soybean (DTS)

SOY15    Soybean tolerance to Cobra and Flexstar

SOY17    High yielding programs with BASF management systems - SVREC


No-till Soybean

FSB01     Comparison of fall- herbicide treatments in no-till soybean

NTS01     Comparison of commercial herbicide programs in no-till soybean

NTS02     Kixor burndown programs in no-till soybean

NTS03     Soybean response to Warrant applications at two planting dates

NTS04     High yielding programs with BASF management systems in no-till soybean

NTS05     Evaluation of adjuvants to aid in the activity of glyphosate + Sharpen

NTS06     Glyphosate-resistant horseweed management in no-till soybean


Dry Bean

DB04       Weed control systems with Cadet and Permit in dry edible bean 

DB07       Evaluating Warrant for crop safety in dry edible bean

DB08       Sensitivity of ‘Zorro’ black bean and ‘Merlot’ small red bean to Cadet

DB09       Preharvest desiccants in dry edible bean

DB10       Preharvest desiccants II ‘In green dry edible bean'



P0211     Late season weed control in FL1922 potatoes



SB01       Comparison of Roundup Ready and conventional systems in sugerbeet

SB02       Tank-mixtures of Upbeet and glyphosate in Roundup Ready sugerbeet

SB03       Sugerbeet tolerance from Betamix and glyphosate tank-mixtures

SB04       Interaction of glyphosate and micronutrients in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB05       Crop tolerance and weed control with Warrant in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB06       Replanted sugarbeet tolerance to Warrant



WT01      Fall burndown treatments in no-till wheat

WT02      Fall residual treatments in no-till winter wheat

WT03      Weed control systems in winter wheat



NC01       Roundup WeatherMax + Clarity efficacy on non-resistant broadleaf weeds

NC02       Mon-100111, Mon100555 vs Mon-54140 efficacy on non-resistant broadleaf weeds