2010 Annual Results

Herbaceous Plant Codes
Herbaceous Plant Common Names
Herbicides and Adjuvants

Precipitation Data



A0110 Weed Control of Spotted Knapweed in Alfalfa

A0210 Control of Common Chickweed in Alfalfa

A0310 Control of Roughstalk Bluegrass in Alfalfa I

A0410 Control of Roughstalk Bluegrass in Alfalfa II, Lapeer Co.



C0110 Monsanto New Formulation Comparison Study

C0210 Weed Control in Corn with HPPD Inhibitors

C0310 Weed Control in Corn with Glyphosate Tank-mixes

C0410 Weed Control in Corn with PRE and POST Herbicides

C0510 Comparison of Two Pass System in Corn

C0610 Weed Control Programs Comparisons in Corn

C0710 Weed Control in Corn with Realm Q

C0810 Comparison of Adjuvants in Corn

C0910 Evaluation of Foundation Programs

C1010 Regional Comparison of Corn Herbicide Systems

C1110 Comparison of Adjuvants on Capreno Efficacy in Corn

C1210 Comparison of Adjuvants on Laudis Efficacy in Corn

C1310 Weed Control in Corn with Pre Followed by Post Herbicides

C1410 Effect of Clethodim on Emerging Corn

C1510 Growth Regulator Timing, I

C1610 Growth Regulator Timing, II

C1710 Growth Regulator Timing, III

C1810 Preemergence Weed Control in Corn

C1910 Burndown Options in No-Till Corn

C2010 Weed Control in N0-Till Corn with Valor

C2110 Weed Control in Corn with Dimethenamid-P Combinations

C2210 Weed Control in Corn with BAS 9446

C2310 Preemergence Weed Control in Corn with Sharpen Combinations

C2410 Weed Control in Corn with Ignite, Huskie, Laudis, Rimfire and Wolverine

C2510 Evaluation of Trio with Glyphosate Tank Mix Partners in Corn



SOY01-10   Potential antagonisms with Warrant (MON 63410) in soybean

SOY02-10   Evaluation of Warrant (MON 63410) for weed control and soybean tolerance

SOY03-10   Different systems for early-season weed control in Roundup Ready soybean

SOY04-10   Comparison of commercial programs in conventional tillage soybean

SOY05-10   Weed control programs in non-GMO soybean

SOY06-10   Effectiveness and longevity of residual herbicides in soybean

SOY07-10   Residual herbicide programs in Liberty Link soybean

SOY08-10   Application rate and timing of Ignite in Liberty Link soybean

SOY09-10   AMS replacements with Ignite in Liberty Link soybean

SOY10-10   Effectiveness of seed treatments on soybean

SOY11-10   POST broadleaf tank-mixtures with glyphosate in Roundup Ready soybean

SOY12-10   AMS replacements with glyphosate in Roundup Ready soybean

SOY15-10 Comparison of adjuvants with clethodim for volunteer corn control

SOY16-10 Effect of Smart System micronutrients on glyphosate activity

SOY17-10 Evaluation of water conditioning agents (WECO)


No-till Soybean

FSB01-10   Comparison of fall and spring herbicide programs in no-till soybean        

NTS01-10   Comparison of commercial programs in no-till soybean 

NTS02-10   Evaluation of Sharpen tank-mixes in no-till soybean


Edible Dry Bean

DB04-10 Evaluation of Cadet for weed control and crop tolerance in dry beans

DB10-10 Preharvest treatments for dry edible beans



P0110  Delayed Release Nitrogen effect on Potato Yield and Vine Kill

P0210  Efficacy and Selectivity of Solida when applied PRE and Early Post to Potato

P0310  Late Season Weed Control in FL 1922

P0410  Halosulfuron for Weed Control in Potato

P0510  Rimsulfuron Tank-Mixes 

P0610  Effects of ALS Inhibiting Herbicides on Potatoes

P0710  Maverick PRE in Potato P0810  Vine Desiccation in Potato with Vida



DS01-10 Potential interactions of fungicide-glyphosate combinations on Cercospora

SB0.05-10 Evaluation of Sequence and Touchdown in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB01-10 Evaluation of micronutrients in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB02-10 Evaluation of adjuvants for use with glyphosate tank-mixtures

SB03-10 Time of weed removal in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB04-10 Comparison of Roundup Ready and conventional weed control systems in sugarbeet

SB05-10 Encapsulated acetochlor in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB06-10 Control of volunteer Roundup Ready soybean in Roundup Ready sugarbeet



WT01-10 BAS 94461H applied preemergence in winter wheat

WT02-10 Herbicide and 28% nitrogen interactions in winter wheat

WT03-10 Altantis-based herbicide programs for weed control in winter wheat



S0110  Common Lambsquarters Control with Glyphosate 

S0210  Effects of Unison on Soybean Plant Back