2009 Annual Results



Herbaceous Plant

Herbicides and Adjuvants

Precipitation Data



A0109 Weed Control in Roundup Ready Alfalfa

RSBG Control of Roughstalk Bluegrass in Alfalfa with Various Herbicide



C0109 Postemergence weed control with Resolve, Accent, Steadfast and Mesotrione

C0209 Weed control programs comparisons

C0309 Postemergence timing in herbicide resistant corn

C0409 Weed control in corn with Halex GT

C0509 Postemergence weed control in corn with glyphosate formulations

C0609 Weed control with Capreno, Corvus and Balance FLEXX

C0709 Weed control with HPPD inhibitors

C0809 PRE and POST weed control comparisons in corn

C0909 Atrazine tank-mixes in corn

C1009 Weed control in corn with GWN-3404

C1109 Weed control in corn with Kixor

C1209 Comparisons of adjuvants on Laudis efficacy in corn

C1309 Weed control in corn with preemergence herbicides

C1409 Evaluation of deposition aids on Laudis efficacy in corn

C1509 Comparison of adjuvants in corn

C1609 PRE followed by POST with and without glyphosate

C1709 Weed control in corn with various tillage systems

C1809 Weed control in no-till corn with Vida

C1909 Weed control in no-till corn with Valor

C2009 Weed control in corn with metolachlor formulations

C2309 Adjuvants plus

C2409 Atrazine mix comparison

DGAT Weed control in GAT corn



SOY01-09 Encapsulated acetochlor in soybean

SOY02-09 Systems utilizing PPO inhibitors in glyphosate-resistant soybean

SOY03-09 Weed control systems in Liberty Link soybean

SOY04-09 Evaluation of weed control systems in GAT soybean

SOY05-09 Comparison of different non-ionic surfactants with glyphosate (9002-0902)

SOY06-09 Performance of residual herbicides in glyphosate-resistant soybean

SOY07-09 Commercial comparisons in conventional tillage soyebean

SOY10-09 Weed control programs in non-GMO soybeans

SOY11-09 Comparison of different production systems in glyphosate-resistant soybeans

SOY12-09 Evaluation of different adjuvants for use with glyphosate

SOY13-09 Weed control comparison with different glyphosate formulations


No-till Soybean

FSB01-09 Fall-Applied Herbicides for Weed Control in no-till Soybean

FSB02-09 Interaction of Winter Annual Weed Removal on Insects I

NTS01-09 Commercial comparisons in no-till soybean

NTS02-09 Evaluation of the new technologies Kixor and Vida in no-till soybean

NTS03-09 Comparison of Valor (flumioxazin) products in no-till soybean

NTS04-09 Comparison of conventional and no-till weed control options in soybean

NTS06-09 BASF Innovation demo plots


Edible Dry Bean

DB01-09 Valor desiccation replant to wheat and sugarbeet

DB02-09 Weed control in dry edible bean



Mull09 Control of Common Mullein with Herbicides



P0209 Weed Control in Potato with Reflex

P0309 Weed Control in Potato with Rimsulfuron Formulations

P0409 Herbicide Effect on Growth Cracks in Production Potato

P0509 Vine Desiccation and Storage in Potato

P0709 Tolerance of Herbicide in Silverton Potatoes

P0809 Potato Timing Study, Montcalm

P0909 Vine Desiccation in Potato with Vida

P1009 Halosulfuron for Weed Control in Potato

P1109 Rimsulfuron Tank Mixes

P1209 Effects of ALS Inhibiting Herbicides on Potatoes

P1309 Maverick Pre in Potato

P1409 Herbicide Effect on Growth Cracks in Production Potato

P1509 Vine Desiccation in Potato with Vida II

P1609 Vine Desiccation in Potato with Vida III



SB01-09 Control of volunteer Roundup Ready corn in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB02-09 Control of volunteer Roundup Ready soybean in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB03-09 Encapsulated acetochlor in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB04-09 Weed control and crop tolerance with Sequence formulations

SB05-09 Time of weed removal in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB06-09 Tank-mixes with glyphosate for Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB07-09 Micronutrient use in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

SB08-09 Evaluation of adjuvants for use with glyphosate tank-mixtures

SB09-09 Timing glyphosate applications in Roundup Ready sugarbeet by GDD



WT01-09 Herbicide and 28% nitrogen interactions in winter wheat