2017 Annual Results



Herbaceous Plants

Herbicides and Adjuvants 

2017 Precipitation Data

East Lansing
Shepherd (waterhemp site)
Rosebush (Horseweed Site)

Weed Control in Corn

C01    Soil-applied (PRE) weed control programs in corn

C02    One-pass early postemergence (EPOS) strategies for weed control in corn 

C03    Commercial programs for weed control in corn

C05    Weed control with SA-0660001 programs in corn

C06    Weed control programs with Corvus in corn

C08    Comparison of two-pass weed control systems in corn 

C09    Corn tolerance of early postemergence (EPOS) tank-mixtures with DiFlexx and Status

C10    Comparison of various weed control systems in corn

C11    Harness MAX one pass soil-applied (PRE) programs in corn 


Weed Control in Soybean

SOY01    Weed control using chlorimuron-ethyl premixtures in LibertyLink soybean  

SOY02    Weed control programs using higher Liberty rates in LibertyLink soybean

SOY03    Weed control programs with FeXapan in RR2 Xtend soybean     

SOY04    Crop tolerance with XtendiMax tank-mixtures in RR2 Xtend soybean    

SOY05    Weed control with A21472 in RR2 Xtend soybean   

SOY06    Comparison of PRE residual herbicides in RR2 Xtend soybean

SOY07    Comparison of Commercial weed control programs in soybean

SOY08    Weed control systems in LibertyLink soybean    

SOY09    Postemergence tank-mixtures with Liberty in LibertyLink soybean

SOY10    Weed control in non-GMO soybean 

SOY11    Weed control and crop tolerance with Balance Bean   

SOY12    Weed control systems in RR2 Xtend and LibertyLink soybean

SOY12.5 Weed control systems in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend and LibertyLink soybean 2nd planting

SOY13    Weed control and soybean tolerance with increasing rates of metribuzin

SOY14    Time of day effects on the activity of Xtend in RR2 Xtend soybean

SOY14.5 Weed control and crop safety with higher loaded formulations of dicamba

SOY15    Evaluation of different glyphosate formulations 

SOY16    Adjuvent comparison in roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean 

SOY20    Herbicide-resistant waterhemp control with Balance Bean

SOY21    Waterhemp control systems in Roundup ready 2 Xtend and LibertyLink soybean

SOY22    Soil-applied (PRE) herbicides for waterhemp control in LibertyLink soybean



Weed Control in No-Till Soybean

NTS01    No-till weed control systems using FeXapan in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean 

NTS02    No-till weed control programs with Zidua in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean

NTS03    Residual weed control programs with Engenia POST in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean

NTS04    Weed control comparisons in no-till Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean 

NTS06    Weed control programs in no-till LibertyLink soybean 

NTS07    Early preplant applications of Scepter tank-mixtures for weed control in no-till soybean

NTS08    No-till weed contol systems in roundup Ready 2 Xtend and LibertyLink soybean 

NTS09    Glyphosate-resistant horseweed control in LibertyLink soybean

NTS10    Comparison of different burndown herbicide options for glyphosate-resistant horseweed

NTS11    Glyphosate-resistant horseweed management in Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean



Weed Control in Dry Edible Bean

DB01    The effect of pre-harvest herbicide treatments on weed control in dry edible bean

DB02    The effect of pre-harvest herbicides on two classes of dry edible beans


Weed Control in Winter Wheat

WT01    Roughstalk bluegrass control in winter wheat

WT02    Weed control options in winter wheat


Weed Control in Sugarbeet

SB03     Evaluation of various postemergence ethofumesate rates in sugarbeet

SB07     Herbicide-resistant waterhemp control in sugarbeet


Weed Control in Alfalfa

ALF01    Weed control and crop tolerance with warrant in established alfalfa