Distinguished Faculty Award

The selection will be made from candidates who have brought distinction to the college through teaching, extension or research, and have provided leadership that has helped students, faculty or citizens to reach their potential for excellence.

Past Recipients

  • 2019: Joe Vargas
  • 2018: John Bukovac and Rufus Isaacs
  • 2017: Henry Rique Campa III and Tim Mrozowksi
  • 2016: Deb McCullough and Ronald L. Perry
  • 2015: Richard Brandenburg
  • 2014: Ajit Srivastava
  • 2013: Elliott Ryser
  • 2012: Weiming Li
  • 2011: John Kerr
  • 2010: Maraleedharan Nair
  • 2009: Joan Rose
  • 2008: Kelly Millenbah
  • 2007: Richard Merritt
  • 2006: Mary Hausbeck
  • 2005: Jack Liu
  • 2004: Lynn Harvey
  • 2003: Tom Coon
  • 2002: John Shelle
  • 2001: Scott Winterstein
  • 2000: Robert Clarke
  • 1999: Robert D. von Bernuth
  • 1998: Russel Erickson
  • 1997: David Hawkins
  • 1996: James Peska
  • 1995: Harlan D. Ritchie
  • 1994: William Taylor
  • 1993: Richard Chase
  • 1992: Niles Kevern
  • 1991: Jim Kielbaso
  • 1990: Paul Rieke
  • 1989: Irvin Widders
  • 1986: Mark Uebersax
  • 1985: Kirk Heinze
  • 1984: Robert Deans
  • 1983: A. Robert Earl
  • 1982: Will Carlson


Award candidates may be nominated by departments, administrators, CANR alumni board members, faculty, alumni and industry stakeholders. Nominations are due Oct. 15, 2019. 

Submit an online nomination

Download a nomination form to submit

Selection criteria

  • The awards committee is looking for recipients based on their commitment to the Land Grant mission of teaching, research and outreach activities.
  • Professional, community and MSU service will also be considered in the selection process for all awards.
  • Nominees for each of the six CANRAA awards will be considered for three subsequent years. If not selected in the first year, those submitting a nomination will be given the opportunity to update the nomination form before consideration the second and third year. If a nominee is not selected within the three years, they will be removed from the nomination pool, but could be nominated again at a later time.
  • Current faculty members should be nominated for the Distinguished Faculty Award. It is preferred that faculty not be nominated for the other awards. A nomination of a faculty member will not be refused, however, preference will be made to non‑faculty members.
  • Alumni association board members cannot be nominated while they are serving on the board.
  • Letters of recommendation are important in the selection process. We should suggest that nominators submit a maximum of four letters of support for the nomination. These letters should come from people who can support the nominees activities in the various areas including MSU service, their career and their community service.
  • The awards selection committee structure will consist of CANRAA board members and one CANR faculty or staff representative appointed by the Dean’s office.


Please contact Kathryn Reed at 517-355-0284 or via e-mail at kreed@msu.edu

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